Smooth, Soft Baby Skin
"We've been using Sophie's Barn soaps for a week now. The saffron and honey soap has turned my 6 yr old's 'lizard skin' into smooth, soft baby skin. The rose and argan oil soap is delicious on my old skin, smells divine and soothes and smooths it."
A winner all around!
"I use the solid bar shampoo and conditioner and love them. They are easy to use, leave my hair clean and soft and have no toxic ingredients. No nasty packaging either so a winner all around"
I'm hooked!
"I have recently been using the Argan & Rosehip Oil soap and I just love it! As a psoriasis sufferer I am always looking for natural skincare products that won't dry my skin out. This little soap fits the bill perfectly and I am hooked!"


Gorgeous, handmade skincare, haircare and household products made in the heart of the beautiful Dordogne region in France. Sophie’s Barn only uses 100% natural ingredients that are as kind as they are luxurious. Eco-friendly and plastic-free, all of our products are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin.

Here you can find our famous soaps – there’s one for every skin-type, a best-selling hair care range, indulgent gift-sets and a variety of household and beauty products.

We’re super proud of everything we create and even prouder that our customers love what we do. We’re sure you’ll love us too! 

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Natural Alternatives to Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter?

It’s a shiny, sparkly wonderfulness, available in every colour of the rainbow, and it’s used in thousands of different ways. From make-up to gift wrap, decorations, and jewellery, as consumers, we’re addicted. Plus, with Christmas coming up, we can expect to see an overload of glittery items on sale and glitter-adorned decorations strung up everywhere we go.

There is a dark side to glitter, though. It’s a microplastic, which means it’s not biodegradable.

Fortunately, Sophie’s Barn gives you some eco-friendly alternatives to glitter available, meaning you don’t have to entirely give up your addiction just yet.

So much hand washing going on that everyone’s poor hands are really suffering. Here’s a fantastic and super fast way to deeply hydrate and care for your dry hands, using one single store cupboard ingredient.