Wedding trends and the Meghan Markle Effect

If you work in the wedding industry at all, you may have developed a love-hate relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Warming winter essential oils: Clove and cinnamon

Nothing conjures up the thought of winter and the holiday season quite like the delicious smell of cloves and cinnamon.

The best tip for caring for very dry skin

So much hand washing going on that everyone’s poor hands are really suffering. Here’s a fantastic and super fast way to deeply hydrate and care for your dry hands, using one single store cupboard ingredient.

The easiest way to see how soap works

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Winter Warmer: Mulled Apple Juice

The festive season brings lots of diary dates for gatherings and parties with loved ones and that usually means having a drink or two as well.
Alternatives to glitter

Alternatives to glitter : Seven eco-friendly substitutes

Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly alternatives to glitter available, meaning you don't have to entirely give up your addiction just yet.

Christmas and consumerism – how to reduce the amount we give and spend

Christmas is a time of year when everyone feels pressured to overspend and overstretch themselves to buy gifts for others.