Monoi Solid Hair Conditionner Bar

Monoï solid hair conditioner bar for thin, greasy or fly away hair. Zero waste and eco conscious solid conditioner for naturally beautiful hair.












Monoï solid hair conditioner bar for thin, greasy or fly away hair

The perfect accompaniment to Sophie’s Barn solid shampoo, this conditioning bar has everything you need to keep your hair super shiny and silky smooth without weighing it down or using any synthetic ingredients or chemical nasties.

As soon as you hold the conditioner in your hands you are hit with the wonderful scent of monoï, a fragrance that will transport you to summer and sunshine. This powerful fragrant oil does wonders for gorgeous hair.

The conditioning properties of the bar come from the liquid gold argan oil, and the light and powerful sweet almond oil. This bar also contains alkanet root, which not only gives it its gorgeous natural pink colour, but is also a fantastic hair conditioning ingredient, known to reduce hair loss and premature greying. This perfect combination provides a light conditioner, perfectly suited to hair that may require more frequent washing, or that regresses quickly.

New to solid conditioning bars?

  • Long lasting and super easy to use.
  • Simply glide the bar over clean wet hair.
  • These bars will leave a thin glaze of amazing nourishing nutrients along the hair shaft and encourage the follicles to close, to leave your hair shiny and silky.
  • Rinse with clean water.

How does this solid conditioner help the environment?

  • No waste packaging – each conditioner bar is equivalent to one standard bottle of conditioner. This means that every time you buy a solid bar, you are not buying a plastic bottle which will further pollute planet Earth. The minimal packing on Sophie’s Barn solid hair care range is completely recyclable and biodegradable, creating a truly zero waste product.
  • Contains no added water. Each bottle of liquid equivalent contains at least 65% water.  The manufacturing and packaging processes are also high in energy and water usage.
  • This bar is long lasting and when it does eventually become too small to use, you can keep the small bits and reuse them. Check out our how-to video here to experience a truly zero waste product, kind to the environment and kind to your bank balance.
  • The ingredients that compose this conditioner are Eco conscious, with reduced carbon footprints.

It’s never been more important to take care of our planet and Sophie believes that zero waste should go hand in hand with a high performing, high quality product.

Another secret benefit is that this solid conditioner makes travelling a breeze! Perfect for those that fly only with hand-luggage, its compact size can easily fit in the smallest of bags and since its liquid-free, there’s no requirement to dig it out during airport security checks.

Suitable for all hair types, particularly straight, thin or thinning hair. Use with our balancing solid shampoo bar for beautiful and glossy hair that doesn’t get oily quickly, while being kind to the planet.

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